"Elizabeth was highly recommended to me by a friend with whom she worked. After guidelines were established for what I needed, Elizabeth took over. She immediately picked up the assignment as if she had been writing about my artists for many years.

Elizabeth has now been writing for my gallery for about eight years and I could not be more pleased with her insightful and professional presentations. After interviewing each artist personally, she presents them and their work in a style that is easy for the lay person and professional alike to grasp and understand. I could not have found a more professional and qualified person for the job!"

                    Bill Campbell, Owner, William Campbell Contemporary Art

"I never submitted any document or major article for publication without asking Elizabeth for her impeccable advice... Often apprehensive to submit my work for editing in fear that the content and tone might somehow be compromised by an unimaginative editor, I have had no hesitation to have Elizabeth scrutinize my writing, confident that the integrity of the work would survive.

As director of publications, in addition to a considerable amount of writing new text, Elizabeth handled the often difficult task of collecting and editing material for which other staff members were responsible with grace, patience, and tact. Because of her background in the arts, her work was consistently beautiful in appearance and highly intelligent in its layout. It always revealed great care, and consequently, a welcome sense of ownership for the final project... Elizabeth is a brilliant writer and editor with great vision for how the finished product should look."

– Richard Rodzinksi, President Emeritus, Van Cliburn Foundation

"I saw Elizabeth Delaney’s articles in Southwest Art magazine and was very impressed. She has a unique way of writing that entices you to read on. Her writing is like a symphony with words. I knew that I wanted that writing style to represent me… I trust Ms. Delaney with all of my future editing needs."

– Sandi Ciaramitaro, Fine Artist